What to Look Out for When Buying Baby Swing

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Published: 07th March 2012
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Your baby is colicky, screaming day and night. Do you have a baby, who is happy as ever, in Mommy’s hands, but as soon as you put him down, he pouts and yells. The laundry, dinner and dishes are waiting patiently, but your little buddy does not care. For many parents, a baby swing can be a life-saver. This baby gear product imitates the soothing rocking motion of the womb and can really calm down many unhappy babies. A swing does not work for every baby. On the contrary, some babies will scream louder as they are swung back and forth. You should test it out in a friend or relative’s swing, before you purchase one yourself.
Unlike strollers, car seats and cribs that are used for a good couple of baby years, most baby swings are most useful for your baby’s first few months of life. There are some brands that have a higher weight limit, of up to 25 lbs., however your pediatrician will advise you to stop using the swing when your baby is beginning to roll over or push up. A bigger baby could climb out of the swing and get serious injuries.
Many baby experts don’t recommend keeping your baby in the swing for more than an hour, when he is awake. Human contact is the most important, for a baby’s emotional development. But if you find you are holding your baby, for a majority of the day, a swing can give you some quiet hands-free time to rest or tend to household chores.
When you enter the baby swing market, you will be dazzled by the large range of models available. Just like when you were shopping for strollers, the models were endless, swings can come pretty close to that. They range from basic no frills models, to full featured entertainment centers. Baby swings also come in small portable travel units, if you are space constrained, or you need to transport it a lot.
Examine the swing for safety issues. Like your baby stroller, it should have at least a three point safety harness, if not a five point one, with shoulder straps. Make sure the frame has a wide base for sturdiness, and is made out of durable material. Check if there are any product recalls on that model. Look for the certification seal from the JPMA, for its conformation with safety standards.
Most baby swings use batteries to run. If you will be using your swing a lot, you will be going through a lot of batteries, which can get expensive. You may want to look out for an electrically operated swing.
Most swings move back and fort, yet some are the side to side motion ones. There are also a variety of speeds, depending on the model. For your newborn, you may want to start with the lowest speed, to get him used to this motion.
Look for a swing that has a comfortable padded seat, that can recline. The seat cover should be removeable and washable, because your baby may spit up or have a diaper leak.
Then there are the extra features that make the swing more exciting. Some swings have trays, toy bars, mobiles, lights and music. These are for your baby’s entertainment.
The cost of a baby swing ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the make, model and features. Just like you have researched before buying a stroller or car seat, you can check online, for swing reviews and ratings to help you make this decision. Don’t forget, that safety is of utmost importance!

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